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NO HIDDEN COSTS Everything that is included with your trip is detailed on the website and in our trip information dossiers. Any extra fees on top of the base price are listed on the website as well as the trip dossier. There will be no surprises!

GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR You will always receive exactly what you paid for. If there is a discrepancy between what you paid for and what you received, we will address the problem on the spot, either by delivering what is promised or reimbursing you for any promised items not delivered.

ATTITUDE Our guides and staff are friendly, down-to-earth people who share a passion for adventure travel and the outdoors. You will never be treated with 'attitude' - only with respect.

KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF When you speak with our tour leaders on a particular trip, you will always speak with someone who has intimate experience with that trip, either because they helped develop it or because they have experienced it firsthand. Our guiding staff are always from the area where they guide.

ORGANIZATION Our tours are thoroughly researched and planned; every detail is worked out in advance so that when you show up, you can be assured that your trip is well organized and will run smoothly. You will receive a detailed trip itinerary before you come, along with an equipment list and other pertinent information regarding your trip. Someone will be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive, and you will be taken to your first night's hotel. When the trip commences, you will be informed by your lead guide everyday what the day's plan is, along with a detailed discussion of the day's rides and alternative options.